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Civil War

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Document signed by Abraham Lincoln

Civil War Document signed by Abraham

Photo Credit: Idaho State Archives

Civil War Veterans in Idaho? You bet!

After the War, thousands of Civil War veterans of the Confederate and Union Armies and their families migrated westward. Over one thousand of those veterans put down roots in Idaho, and many died here.

Several Idaho governors and state legislators were veterans of the Civil War, as were many state and community leaders. Veterans' organizations like the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) created posts throughout Idaho with hundreds of members. To this day, the GAR Phil Sheridan Post meeting hall stands behind the Statehouse in Boise. 

During the 1890s, when an Idaho Soldiers Home was proposed, the GAR became a prominent supporter of the facility, and when it was built, the facility literally became "home" for many aged veterans. In the early twentieth century, as more and more Civil War veterans died, their deaths became front page news in local newspapers, and the death of Idaho's last living Civil War veteran, Israel Broadsword, made the front pages of newspapers around the state in 1952.

Over one thousand Civil War veterans who lived or died in Idaho have been identified from a variety of records.  Records are indexed alphabetically by surname, and wherever possible, dates of births and deaths, the states from which they served, and the Idaho counties where they resided are included. For many veterans, more than one record has been uncovered.

If you find a name on the list and would like a copy of the original record, please contact the State Archives to learn more about our research services.

We also invite you to contact us with any additional information you may have about a discovered or undiscovered Idaho veteran of the Civil War. 

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